I've been HAC₭ED


So, I was scrolling through my activity, and boom! Someone remixed my project! Woo! I see which one it is,but I don't remember making it. What's more, I was using an iPad at the time the project was published. I SWEAR it wasn't me. Maybe I forgot to log out on a school iPad. I dunno. But the bad thing is, the project got a FLIPPIN remix (which is rare to me ;-; ) and a like. Btw, the project was a story called "the friends" . You can tell because it's really bad quality. I "published" it. Someone HELP!!!


Maybe you've been hacked


I wanted to write that but it was all "nope!!! Censored!" Can u help? :tired_face:


Reset your password.


Someone might have made a new project out your project. It's fine, you are not hacked.


I did. I need everyone to get Thier likes off first.
And the remix.


Oh they didn't. I "published" it. Welp good night. I'll see you chumps tomorrow.


Sorry I'm late XD

Someone probably took your project, went into code, deleted everything, coded something new, and then remixed it :wink:


Hi I'm awake.
No, I posted the project on my profile. I didn't make it doe.


I'm not sure, have you tried emailing the Hopscotch team?


Ya thats what i think


No, not yet. It's minor, and it's only happened once.


Who thinks I should tag Lisa or THT?






Sooooo old my doods looool

My first post


Pls dont revive my topic