I've been gone. What happened?

So, I came back to see the forum. And have seen at least 3 topics about Ella and Cash. I looked back and saw their was some arguing, but.....what happened? I'm confused.




Everything happened


Yahhhh.... I got that.


Nope they are perfectly nice people and I think that people are over reacting a little....no a lot.

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Yep. Got that also.


Sorry I've never talked to you before! Hello how are you?


I disagree, actually. They've broken the community guidelines so many times. :p


Good! I've been gone side like November, but I pop back in to check on things once in a while. I'm mostly know as @OnceUponATime's best friend, if you know her.


I know. But they're suspended. And that's that. No one can do anything about it! They are not coming back so like...

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That's very mean to say that ella and cash were mean

I might have to flag that

I edited it, is it worded better now? Sorry, I didn't mean it like that.

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They are still perfectly nice ppl
Plus, two of ella suspensions weren't needed
Please stop saying that
One time she was suspended because she was added to a pm. She didn't comment on the pm. wanna know the funny part? The other person in the pm wasn't suspended

Another time, she was suspended cause someone asked for her last name and she didn't tell them... shouldn't the person who asked her be suspended?
Plus, some kids on here email each other and they aren't suspended

Also, they r only mean cause many ppl weren't mental them
Ella is the most selfless, nicest kid I know. She is super popular but always says hi to everyone in the hall and she's the first one to help someone up when they fall. She tries to be nice on here but kids weren't nice to her so she wasn't nice back

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Idk what I think. I mean, I'm not really in a place to judge, I wasn't here.

Ok, so far I got that there were arguments/flame wars involving them, they got suspended, and the forum is now kinda divided into sides, and some are accusing new members of being them. Is that all, or did something more major happen?

Cash is actually very nice, and most of her suspensions were only for communication. Only about one or two was for being unkind, but she apologized every time.


Ella never apologized

Is that something to be proud of?


They deserved it tbh

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Well, you should know the difference between what's right and what's wrong.

I should have know this would become an argument....

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