I've been acting weirdly lately


Yes, I know, I've been acting mean. But it really makes me angry when people mind my business. Anyway, I've thought about what I've done and I'm never going to do it again. I'm sorry. I'm back. That SabotageWarning that you knew before Christmas.

Lol I hate apologizing I know it's the right thing 2 do but it makes me feel … weak


Yay! I don't know what SabotageWarning has been doing what now :sweat_smile:


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The mean sabotage warning was pretty funny actually.


The only response I could think of: 🤔 :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh btw @friendship2468 are you still continuing the Hopscotch School? I really want to be values teacher.


I'm values teacher lol. No, I am not, because nobody has time and hahaha Lol IZ Gabe n....


Can you please define "IZ Gabe." My Positronic matrix cannot process the information.

Lol robot 🤖


It's a funny username.
LolIZ Gabe n......... GTRRVDFG great


I wanna ask a question. Anyone wanna help me with Space Manoeuvres? It's a game I made and I'm constantly updating to it.

The link for latest version: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xuaze2w99


I consider it bravery, @SabotageWarning.

A really wise outlook is the one that can be paraphrased, "Go, and do better." That's the chance life offers the living - a chance that the dead may covet.

Hey, good luck preparing for your awesome new school experience. Make it count! Learn a lot. Help those around you, considering how they may make for great friends, allies, resources in your future. I know it may not seem intuitive, but I promise you, you'll find more reward and raw power in giving and sharing - even in altruism and kindness - than you may have heretofore considered possible.

You have been given much, not the least of which being talent. Make it count! Make a superior mark in the world. Starting here... :slightly_smiling:


Thank you for the articulate and thoughtful response (albeit you used the word articulate before to describe one of my responses)


One thing, Change your summary of you.


But that's my favourite meme :frowning:


Please change your banner (not sure what you call it) with the guy and the gun :slightly_smiling:...


You mean the profile picture? There is no gun! :smile:


No it was an old photo but he changed it :sweat_smile:


Oh ok :sweat_smile: I got confused for a second!


Hey, it's cool. People don't like apologizing because nobody likes being wrong, and saying sorry is almost like saying, "I was wrong." Just remember in the future it is totally good to be wrong. And about everything that happened earlier, I have no doubt you are just a bit upset, maybe even angry. It's okay! Everyone feels that way sometimes.

I hope you know everything is fine between everyone.



It's okay! We all mashed mistakes.
All we have to do is say sorry and try to fix them.
Even if it's hard. :smile:

(Whooshy arms :stuck_out_tongue:)