IVE ALMOST BEEN ON A YEAR! YEY! Can someone remind me on the 20th? XD


I've almost been on a year! So.. I'll be posting a project! (I haven't posted a real project in SOOO long) so, I'll be working on that hopefully!! But I think it's on Wednesday?? I have a test retake and church. ;-; So let's celebrate until then! I'll be following if you spam my account! (Smiling Sunshine)


Mine is in October! Hopefully I don't forget to make a project :slight_smile:



Mines coming up too :DDD


I think mine is about passed. 2 years of hopscotch :D


It is the 20th today


Congrats!! :smiley: Hopefully you can find time to do some coding on Hopscotch and publish a project!


It's the 20th today @GracefulIcing1!!! :D


Happy Hopscotch Anniversary @GracefulIcing1! It's the 20th!!!