iTunes and Hopscotch 😛


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So I was tinkering around with iTunes and the Internet and I was able to change a project's screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:

Please don't ask why I chose Donald Trump lel

Btw @BuildASnowman it's so confuddling (your tutorial)

Custom Project Size Requests! (Blank Projects and whatnot)

How did you do that?!


iTunes n stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


Off-topic but I'm on the PC...


...and iPad


Soo if you go on the iPad you would see trump?

That rocks not necessarily it being trumo I don't care but what if you published it?


Then you become hackr lel


Oh yeah you can also modify the screen width and height


That's awesome! I need to figure out how to do that XD


Use a lightning cable to plug your ipad into your macbook. Then figure it out. (Open itunes)


But if you publish it with the picture would other people see it?

It's worth a shot I can check!


Probably. @BuildASnowman gets music to work.


Oh my gosh i wanna hack...



You have to go inside the app to publish it so no




Ohh your controlling it through the computer?

What if you found a way to publish it through the computer?


wait then how does BAS get it to work? Does he even get it to work? Or does he just use HS to make it easier and download it seperate or something?


I'm gonna try this. I just need to find out where I left my lightning cable first.


Ya can't with iTunes