It's time to stop


Hey guys, so there is a lot of scary stuff like.

Well you probaly have seen

There are little kids here.

Please be careful with what you post and stop posting this

@Dude73 got scared, I did as well.

From that weird thing

And so many other things people are talking about that are way to scary that scare adults as well.

Bye, from the fluffy bear.


What did you get scared from?



I mean, some things are ok if you warn them. It's just that I get scared of absolutely everything. XD

October is meant for creepy things! Or spoopy things, as Disky puts it. :smile:


Nothing, just a shape lel

And a weird wax dude that looked like he was coming out in the real world.


No matter what we shouldn't post things about these

Well quote

And stuff


Oh makes sense I would have got really scared to it's a good thing we have you two to notice and try to stop


I Am Sorry, Do You Want Me To Change My Username?


I agree with that, I very very very very agree with that.


No, you don't have a profile picture or anything

I think of happy things when I think of you Bc you are cool and happy!


Although that hasn't happened to me I don't go into the bathroom upstairs when my mom or sisters aren't upstairs lel


Or shut my door xD


I mean, @Clowns's username is completely fine. It reminds me of them a little, but then I see his/her profile pic and I forget about it, :smile:


It's time to stop. Drop. And roll

Yus now I know what to do incase I burn my marshmallows


Once again



I can't watch it whyyyyyy

My skool iPad restricts utub ;-;


I keep seeing a glare in my room and I might need to sleep in my moms rom for a third time


Third time!


I been sleeping with my mom ever since the clown thing happened!


I was scared but then i realized it is just to scare us and will probs end after Halloween

If a clown comes near me I'm grabbing the nearest stick and whacking them



That is why I have pepper spray in my backpack now

Because I walk home after school so I just keep it just in case