IT'S TIME TO STOP-alt accounts


  • i’m ok with alt accounts
  • meh
  • it’s time to stop alt accounts

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i’m just angry at all these alt accounts made to troll. it fills up actual content in this forum.


I don’t like alts that are meant to troll, but normal alts that literally just serve the purpose of being an alternative account are fine


I think that alts are fine. That is, if they are created for an appropriate reason. If someone made an alt in case they got hacked or they’re trying something out, then it is okay with me. However, so many people are making alts right now to evade suspension or just cause trouble it’s kind of getting on my nerves. I’m not saying everyone who is making an alt to evade suspension is annoying me, it’s just the three letter accounts that seem to act a lot like xse.


What about alts made to create cults?


If they are appropriate, I think that they are totally fine and okay.


How about certain people who are making hundreds of alternates? Just look up FloodTheForum


I’m not sure how I feel about those accounts, to be honest.

That’s a ton of accounts. I have a theory kind of, but I’m not sure if it is true, so I am not going to speak of it. Accounts like that are just annoying. They’re taking up space. I dunno how else to say it.


Well then you wouldn’t like @eIameFemiTtraP




I just don’t understand the purpose of an alt account? Especially when you can log in with the same account on multiple devices. It would be different if you couldn’t.


This is the second time someone has tagged me in a similar topic.

I have not used alts for mal intent purposes, other people’s have made the fake Xse accounts. Why would I instigate something when the whole ordeal started in my math topic and ruined it :/ I despise Xse

I created the @FloodTheForum’s mostly as a test. I’ve got over 300 accounts, and I plan to tell Discourse about the glitch/ish sort of thing that’s happening when you create the accounts

I created (@fredrick) as a test, and a whole others as tests. I’m just trying to break the Forum :joy:

The only alt accounts that I actually use are: @Somebody, @ChimneysRUs, and (@Fredrick) (these are the accs that I have been approved to posto on)


XD so many alts


:joy: Yep, I can spam like someone 45,900 times, theoretically :joy:


How many likes can you get per account?


150 for users below regular


Yes alts must go, I don’t think 2 accounts From he same I. Paddress should be allowed in the forums. I had to redo the ID add cause it tags it




What about above regular


Omg why XD


Idk, I think 300

(So I guess 46,200 times)