It's time for my secret


It's time for me to reveal my secret I have two accounts on hopscotch one is tjordan5699 the other one is tia6559 and I have a YouTube channel it's tia4566


Remember on the forum try to keep things hopscotch related!:slightly_smiling:


"Two accounts on Hopscotch" :wink:.




True... @AHappyCoder


I think this is Hopscotch related, but we don't need to know about your YouTube channel :wink: That part isn't Hopscotch related!


That was the part I meant


Yeah, sorry, I was typing as you said that :sweat_smile:


Dun dun dun! (Don't worry, I think it is fine :wink:)


Sorry I was just saying


It's ok! The account thing was on topic, just the YouTube was kinda off- topic, but it's fine, we all make mistakes:D