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I am making a game on hopscotch to win a school contest but there is one problem. I have balloons going up and Lightning coming down. I want a balloon to pop if it hits a lightning bolt. The problem is when one balloon hits it a bolt all of them pop. I really need help fixing it at least by Friday if anyone can help. Here is a draft photo. (Pic one) IT IS A DRAFT PHOTO! I will be adding a black that you can move so the lightning doesn’t hit the balloons. Please Help!

Pic After help from

Talk to a Hopscotcher! (take 2)

So I need to make all of them not clones?


I am guessing you cloned the balloon emoji? That means the when.... Bumps.... Rule applies to each clone


Read Above


Probably! I had a similar problem with my Blockbusters game! Just make a few extra characters for the balloons!
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Thank you a lot I bet I will win the contest

Actually I probably won't (my whole entire school is doing it)

But thanks
(I am changing the pic to what it looks like at the moment)


No problem. If you need help again then just @ me! I love helping!!


You could ask @Stradyvarious, he has the code in one of his projects. Or @Stradyvarious could talk you through it on the forums.


I got it Done read before you write
It awesome


@Kayro @KVJ

If you have a line of cloned balloons moving from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen and you have a lightning bolt above them and want a clone to disappear when the lightning bolt hits it and only that clone will disappear then this is a quick tutorial how.

Place the lightning bolt at the same "X" location as the cloned balloons. The height of the "Y" position of the lightning bolt above the balloons doesn't matter.


repeat forever
check once if "Balloons" y position is equal to the lightning bolts y position
wait 100 ms


When lightning bolt bumps anything
wait 100 ms ????
set position to (where u want it to reappear above)

This is one way to do it.
There's another way using "SIZE" and a way using "INVISIBILITY" and a way using "SPEED" as well as "ANGLE"
The way i listed just uses the "Y" position of the clones and the lightning bolt


I got it it basically is finished