ITS OUT My New Hopscotch Blog! Give out shoutouts, feature new cool projects, do a interview, and more!



Yes, thats what i meant. i'm super tired so i can't word things correctly today lol


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Okay cool! I'll give you some questions in a minute


I may do an interview…

Username on Hopscotch: tankt2016
Username on The Hopscotch Forum: tankt2016
Amount of people on this account: 2
Genders: One girl, one boy
Have you been on Featured: Not yet, as of March 2016.
Have you been on Trending: Once, with a remix of Wookie's Poring Pad.
Have you been on Rising: Not yet, as of March 2016.
Favorite Hopscotchers: Bubblegum cupcake mix and SmileyAlyssa​:blush:.
Best project: A shoutout to choco-la-ta-ta-ta-ta~. It got 19 likes. That's our best project as of March 2016.
Hopscotching since: November 2015.


1. How Long Have You Been Hopscotching?
2. What Is Your Favorite Project You Made?
3. What are you best at? (pixel art, drawing, ect)
4. Who is your favorite hopscotcher?
5. Who inspires you?
6. How Often do you code?
7. Whats your favorite part about Hopscotch?
8. Whats your favorite part about the community?
​9. Any Features?
10. What are you the most proud of?


Can I show a project? This sounds amazing! :smile:

Drawing on paper compared to

Of course! Just give me a link!


Make your own OC by Dude73
linky link link!


adding it right now..
okay i need one more project and 3 hopscotchers to give a shoutout to


Woah! Sounds cool! I'll link to projects I think deserves mentions! You should feature them on the homepage along with news, like the HT does!

Also, it would be super cool of a group of users got together and made a blog.


This totally deserves one!
Egg Maker by @smishsmash (or Crazy_cake on Hopscotch)


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Okay I'll add that! any screenshots of projects you want to be with your interview?


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okay! i need the screen shot because i can't go on my ipad right now..


I'll do an interview at some point if you want. I'm not the most popular, though.


i'm thinking of doing a weekly interview so wanna be next weeks?


Okay who should i give a shoutout to and why?
I need 4 people!


Hey everyone its out! Here is the link!

  1. I've been on hopscotch a few months now. I started in October.
  2. I really love coding, and all of my projects were fun to make, so this is a hard choice. Recently, evolution of bare comes to mind, but the illuminati tester was probably my favorite.
  3. I do random stuff most of the time, but I'm probably best at mini games.
  4. It's hard for me to pick favorites because everyone is so nice. Here are just a few great coders: SmileyAlyssa make great games, and she is really nice on the forum, Anonymous has been supportive since I first started hopscotch, and Gilbert189 is amazing at coding and coming up with new ideas.
  5. MagmaPOP is a huge inspiration because his games are well coded as well as polished and clean looking. He is great at creating things that I've never seen before, and he makes them look amazing.
  6. I usually code at home, and between classes at school. I'd say I code 2-6 hours every day.
  7. My favorite part about hopscotch is how we can share our ideas with each other and build off of them.
  8. I love how kind and supportive everyone is!
  9. I've had three features: illuminati tester, flappy fight extreme, and the meaning of life.
  10. I'm most proud of the meaning of life. It took me about an hour to write, and it was a lot of work.