It's not that hard to be featured! Also TIPS!



Ok! I know there has most likely has already been a topic about this, but I want to make a new one that's more up-to-date.

So, the community isn't that big. There is A LOT of people on Hopscotch, but most people's last project was thirty weeks ago. Then, out of all the active users, a lot, I mean A LOT of them just play projects on featured. They don't actually code they just play. And then the ones that are active and do code, well, they mostly just remix a tiny amount of coding. Then there is people that actually do some code. But they only code a little and mostly do art. Then there is the REAL coders, the ones that actually CODE and are active and they don't remix too much. They might do some art, but they still CODE. These are the people that eventually get on featured. So see? The community that's at the stage where they are almost on featured is very small. It's not that hard to get on featured if you actually CODE guys.

Ok, so I just wanted to share that. And now I want to give tips!

I've seen people who work hard and they get onto featured within a couple months of coding. Heck, I've seen people get on featured on their FIRST month of coding! As long as you work hard and keep learning- you will get there.

I have a school iPad. I can't watch the videos on how to make stuff! I do it all by myself. I teach myself. You know, I research a lot before I make stuff. If I need to get an idea on how to do something, I can't figure out how to do something, I just search it and get help from other people's codes. It really helps!!!

Now, some stories!!!!

I worked super hard, researching, teaching myself, and figuring things out. I did a lot of coding, and things turned out pretty well. Once I was satisfied with my holiday card, I published it. It AUTOMATICALLY got on featured. Right the minute I published it. That's how much hard work and code I put into it. Seriously, if you search 'My Holiday Card w/ mini-games v1.0, then look in the code, WHOO! It was plain hard work. And that's what it takes to be on Featured.

Now, have you been on featured before? Share tips! Share your story!

Haven't been on featured? Ask questions (on this topic) to the ones who have. Follow these tips. Get help from the ones who worked very hard and got it paid off.

Also, there is a topic that @asha created, and it's to nominate things on featured! That might increase your Chances!!!

Thanks! I hoped this helped! And I hoped you can share YOUR story and tips if you were featured, or get help on how YOU can become featured! Thanks again!

(P.S. The biggest rule to get on featured↓)

in my opinion, biggest rule is...

HHEHEHEH SMILE!!! Lol jk but that helps!

The quest to get on featured! (The ultimate guide)
The ultimate guide to getting featured!

I got on featured for a project i don't really think deserved that kind of attention, but it still felt nice!


Your project was cool and unique!!! I loved it! I bet it felt good!


Same! My first featured project was actually a remix of another project I made, which, honestIy, I think deserved the feature more then the one that actually got featured :neutral_face:

Also which project are you talking about?


What? Really? What was it?


Tip: Enter Forum Hopscotch Challenges!
That's how @Sparkczy and @GysvANDRegulus #totallynotme got onto Featured!

...But it only took 1-2 hours for me to finish that project, because the only difficult thing was the particles, and I solved that using speeds... (Y did it get on Featured? It was like a week old back then, how did they even find it?) :/


@SmileyAlyssa it was Cody's Cosmic Party

The original was Cosmic Cody's Room!!!


well said @SmileyAlyssa


Ok, sorry off topic

lol! FrothyCad preferably only please

Hey @FrothyCad! So just remembered to like all of your new projects, then I saw your fish-o-mania game. Ok, here's the crazy part: I was actually working on a project a lot like that! It's a fishing game, anyway. And I when I saw yours, I know it's awesome, but I don't want it to seem like I'm copping you. So is it ok if I continue with this draft? Or would you rather not have me do something similar to yours? I respect whatever you choose! I'm sorry, this is so crazy! I was like thinking about how I (used to) fished with my (not alive) grandpa, so I got sad and started making a fishing game. Now I don't want you to feel angry like I coppied your idea! So sorry...


I haven't been on Featured yet, but either we will get on Featured or, from our coding partner account, @MYD and @tankt2016, us, will get on Featured together.


I got on featured by a shaded background and a few tilted emojis. Even with the featured I got a very impressed fan.

You just gotta think big and different.


Working on a featured project:

Hmmm, I hope this gets on featured lol

Gets on featured


Basically my story lol


Lol so inspiring!!! Well the feature on your account, you know, the music kit? Nobody has ever really done that before. I mean, I made a piano, but it had like baby sounds like twinkle, Mary had a little lamb, and stuff like that. Yours was really awesome!!!


Thanks! :D


I really think that if you work hard, you'll get featured. I worked on my project that got on featured every night for a month, and when I was finally done with it, it got featured. It was probably the hardest project that I've worked on, especially since I used a different technique than the one the Hopscotch Team used in the video. But I guess people liked it, and it made them happy, which makes me happy, which makes me smile :relaxed:.

(Sorry for grammar mitsakes or whatever, I just woke up so..)


Which project was it?


Pixel Daisy (on my old account)



@SmileyAlyssa sorry for reading but the fishing game @FrothyCad made was for @Gilbert189 's Coding Partner Challenge, like the one I made :stuck_out_tongue:. I don't think they'll mind, it wasn't their idea! :blush:


if you want to get on featured, here are some tips...
1. Be unique, don't copy other ideas. However, you can give an idea a personal twist.

  1. Be creative! The easiest way to come up with an idea is to think about a game that would be interesting and fun to play!

  2. Sometimes, great projects sprout from experimenting in the code. :wink:

  3. Try to appeal to boys and girls, because the community is full of many different people.

  4. The sky's the limit! Never let your goals be your limits! Anything is possible to code!


So it's OK if I finish something similar?