It's my last time visiting the forum



I know topics like this are banned. Or whatever.
I won't be back, as sham has wanted.
I'm really sorry. It is time for me to go.

I will remember all of you. Thanks for everything. I mean it.

I won't tag anyone on here.

Come and go as you wish.

All of you are valid. Let your freak flag fly. @Waffle_Draws

Signing out for once and for all,

Libby L.


I'm going to miss you very very much you are one of the best friends I've ever had on the forum and good and I hope sham gets better.

Love, Camille


@shamrockcat I SEE YOU!!! SHAM HI!! ERMAHGERD HI!!


uh i don't really know why i was tagged but?? hope you enjoyed your stay, thanks for keeping us updated on sham and all that ^^ sham's lucky to have a cousin who would do that!

#5's sad to see you leave... well, I guess I won't try to stop you, cuz no one can stop me from leaving today.. Enjoy your real life outside of this digital world.


Is sham okay?
plez she's okay..


Sham is back tho. I saw her post something.


Oh, that's awesome! :smiley:


I know! She has her own new general too, I think!


Let me see...


I will miss you, bye. I´m glad that sham is better but I´m sad to see you go.