It's my birthday! I'm 11 🌺🌸


Hi people it is my birthday today :smiley: I'm 11 years old now :heart:️:tulip:


Yay! I'm so happy for you friend!

Happy B-day! :revolving_hearts:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @Currency5097193


happy birthday


Yey Fwen! Happy Birthday :balloon::birthday::tada::confetti_ball::gift:


11 years old on june 19th


Happy birthday!
In turning 10 in July!


Happy Birthday!! :gift::birthday: :grin:


Happy birthday! I turned 11 in February.


woah im way older then a lot of people on here



So am I :stuck_out_tongue: how old are you?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Currency5097193


Happy birthday! Welcome to the world of 11-ness :P


Happy birthday!


Happy brithday! I hope you have a great day!


Happy birthday @Currency5097193 !)
We're the same age high fives
(Well, for a month)


Happy birthday @Currency5097193! :D
I'm going to stay 11 till September which is a looonnng way away :/

But I am very happy for you :DDD
I hope you have a great birthday!


Im 10
Happy bday


YAAAAY!!!!! Congrats! Welcome to 11!


feels left out for being 9


Happy Birthday, @Currency5097193! :D

I hope you have a great day - go celebrate! Welcome to the wonderful age of 11!