It's my bday '-'


So. Yeah. Um. Its actually tomorrow, but, I decided to make a topic anyways.
Answer: 164
Lol I hate making topics XD
How old am i

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  • 164


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Happy Birthday!!!!:balloon::gift::tada::birthday::confetti_ball:


Thanks. :confetti_ball:


Happy (Early) Birthday! :D

I hope your special day is awesome!

I'm so bad at this kind of stuff. xD

Anyways, have a great day!


Happy birthday.... Early birthday? I can't believe you're 164!


P.s.meh too. Its actually 10 at night lol


Thanks. I'm not actually. XD you can guess....


Happy early birthday! :D


Wait wait

My friend's birthday is tomorrow

Because there are obviously only 366 people in the world you are obviously her. Yup.

On a serious note, happy birthday!

Tho what's your favourite food in case you're her :laughing:


Thanks!!! :))))) -'-


Happy birthday! :D

I hope hope you have a great time tomorrow!


Ice cream:)
Also how old am i


Thank you :)) I like your art


I feel like I'm sorta trapped here..... If I say that me saying I couldn't believe your age and what you said turned out to also be a joke, I'm gonna feel ridiculous..... On the other hand, if I don't, everyone is gonna think I'm dum.b.... I'll just try to guess your age. You are..... i have no idea years old!


No problem! And thank you!
What's your favorite animal and color?


You are......
Cooorrrrect! I'm actually a potato in my farmers basement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cats and Yellow. :blush:


Thank you! :DD


Why do you ask???




All I know is that ain't her favourite food and if it's 10 for you, you're in a different time zone than her.

Tbh I'm actually glad you're not her because

Happy birthday again, though!