It's my 4th feature!


It's my 4th feature! Thanks soo much for the feature THT. However I was in my drafts trying to make a newer version fixing so much then I see it's featured! And I'm like WOAH!


The title said "45th feature". I was like "whaaaaat...?"




I wish it was 45!!!!


Congrats anyways!




I'm ecstatic. I posted something on hopscotch REALLY IMPORTANT. Lots of you Hopscotchers have spotted that the game over text reappears on the game screen. If you are in the game over screen You need to wait until the game over text is completely visible before tapping the retry button. But if you have a new device you don't need to worry about this.


Congrats! :D


Thanks. But I'm worried that some Hopscotchers won't follow the advice above:( they're too eager


Thank you everyone! BTW my highest score is actually 33 on Lava Route, beat that!