It's me the real me!


Hey guys don't worry I have not been hacked or anything but I meen this is kinda like @rawrbear but I try to act friendly and happy all the time but this is not me the real me on the forum would be right now balling I am crying every days ebciase of bullys and sometimes I express my angry self and it just comes out so please forgive me if I get real snippy with you or meen it's just I am happy a lot but I get sad and depressed sometimes in real life so I am sorry!

It's just I do a really bad job of keeping my cool snd I just yell sometimes I guess right now I am going through a depressed false hopefully next week or month will be better so look, I am sorry if I lost my temper with you it's just that I am getting bullied and it's not fun!

Bye , from the fluffy bear.


You are not being sacked? What? I thought you loved being sacked! !?!?!?
I agree, sorta of like me.


It's okay, everything gonna be all right. Smell your flowers, blow out your candle. Again, slower this time. Good, this time, slower. Last one... Aaaaah. Feeling better now?


Oops sorry about that fixed!


I don't have a candle or flowers in front of my face!:stuck_out_tongue:


Sacked?! What's that mean? Like being put in a sack of potatoes?


Then pretend. You knew I meant to pretend.


Oh well that's oaky with me I meant hacked!



Don't that let bully get to you! You are wonderful person, know matter they say. When you are getting bullied, listen to Taylor Swift. She said it. Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate but I'm just gonna shake shake shake shake shake it off shake it off. Shake it off, @Huggingfluffybear!! :smiley:


Don't let bullies get to you. Your so much better than some person that's trying to make you feel bad. Your an amazing person and don't let anyone get you down on yourself! I am here to support you! @Huggingfluffybear


Thanks a lot @smishsmash and @Kitkat26!


i'm just glad that the bully's gone. But if he comes back.....


Yep that's the problem it's just makes me Cruz I am about to cry thinking of all the things he called you guys and me!


Tell them there is a TGND on your side! pew pew pew!!!


What does that mean??


The bullies. And rude people. Tell them someone will back you up.