It's me! I am back!



please do not flag it was a joke!





Happy April Fools day!


That was one of the best ones yet!


Yeah I thought it would be good!


Just to let you know this is the real me I just deleted all my posts!


Maybe explain the Joined one minute ago part!


lol :stuck_out_tongue: welcome again @Ian or @lan


I see what you did there lol

well that was fun


I deleted my account because my old one was bugging! Sorry for the inconvenience

The only problem now is that I am well basic again!


This is so weird welcome back Ian!


Hmm. Let's see!

Name the country you were at recently.


Ok Lan XD


Cough cough. Not real Ian...


I prefer not to share that!


Yes I am! @Kiwicute2016 I had a lot of fun meeting you I loved your long black hair it was pretty!


I'm pretty sure it was... Columbia.


What do you meen? I's look like l's?


Really? Then explain why you share the same IP address as @Huggingfluffybear?


Thanks for yet another art prompt Kiwicute XD

It will be a poster.

"Kiwicute2016: April Fooler Buster"

@lan / @Huggingfluffybear the tag is spelled L - A - N lol