It's Happy12345678910 day...(done)


According to @Murphy1 who was so kind to make a schedule to see when each person has their special day!

so thanks to @Murphy1 I'm really happy and honestly the feeling you get is really nice to think that somebody did this for you! Well Thank You everyone!!
And remember don't look for happiness Create it!!


Btw @KVJ I gave you a shoutout on my main account!!



I just woke up so my typing is slow and bad and wutever.

I dont know what else ti say :P



Hahhahaha I am a fast texter so I'm always fast Lolololo also thanks!!


Try typing on android....

You can go realy fast!

But I never really use my ipad for typing.... sows.

Btw im using my pc.


I'm a fast typer on the computer, expect when I make a mistake.


I have laptop too but haha I have not touched it in like months.....


Ll I dunno I'm fats on I pad and computer lol....i have memorized all the letters and where they are so I could true my name with my eyes closed


Im using a desktop (windows pc)

I also have a chromebook..... Which I forced it upon dev mode which then I installed a kernal and crouton and accesed the linux shell and typed in a command to install ubuntu.


Happy B-day
Have a great day.


I spelled this with my eyes closed I will now try to write my username ow th my eyes clothes
opens eyes boom I mastered it


Have a wonderful happy12345678910 day everyone!


What's Ubuntu also is this ok if we r off topic??


Awwww thanks!! Bestie ur the best
when people call u the best...they say that to everyone I saw this in a show


Thanks.....made my day!!



Well what is on topic anuywats?

But yea I guess your right.

#17 I would not know how to use that thing.
And he it is off topic
Idk on one side it is kinda like a mini party and we r comparing I pad to other stuff but on the other we were talking about my day llol


How you know how to use a windows pc?


How did u know I had a Windows pc??.? Creepy


Do you know how to use a mac?
Yea this is getting off topuic