It's giving me super old 'new' topics!


I know the title may not make sense, but down in the suggested topics, it has topics with the word 'new' next to it in a green bubble. But when I click on it, it's a topic from JANUARY OR MARCH! (U.K) So please help me!!


Maybe becuase you haven't read them?
Because if you dont read them and have ur preferences a certain way it will pile up I think :D

I don't know tho ;-;


Well, in your preferences it might say new means you havent viewed it. So maybe the topics in new could be from 1,000,000.years ago and it will still be new if you havent viewed it.

EDIT: no @smishsmash beat me :joy:


But u did better at explaining it XD :D @happyfacegirl


Yuuuuuuuus i did XD ok lets GBOT


Yeah, I think it's just an unread old topic that has had activity recently


What does gbot stand for???


Gbot= Get back on topic


OHHHHHHHHHHHHH thx. I should have thought of that XP


I agree with @smishsmash it might be because you haven't read them.


I'm just focusing on the brackets and the letters in between