It's called Christmas.. An unofficial Christmas Contest (HCC 🎄 )




It’s just , but replace the last bit – activity – with messages.


I’m proud I actually taught someone something
(I did teach you that, right?)




Okay. Good idea. : )
But just a tip for the future: please don’t call anyone’s celebration pathetic. ; D


I also kind of don’t want to stare at it anymore which might be why, I lost it. I’ve been dealing with a bit too much cyberbullying in the past few weeks, now that it is on the forum too, I kinda am just done going back to messages starring the words that are not appropriate for the forum.


BLASTED AUTO CARROT. it was supposed to say catholic. (that’s not the only branch of crhistianity but it is one of the more popular ones, ill just remove the word in full)


@Kayro, I genuinely do not understand your argument on this topic. @Yusamac205 is not forcing anyone to participate in his contest, nor is he forcing the competitors to engage in religious topics. If you were really irked by this contest, you could have either muted the topic or talked to @Yusamac205 calmly and without accusation.

You don’t need to reply if you really don’t want to, I am just asking.




stop bringing it back up!!!

I’m being cyberbullied because of a few measly words that I wrote days ago! READ BEFORE YOU POST! STop bringing me back into this mess, I’ve already said, you can go celebrate your christ mass and I’ll celebrate my holiday! I swear I haven’t even snapped yet so don’t push this any farther!!! Thank you, Happy Holidays, Get out of my life.

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And by the way about all this Hanukkah and Christianity talk, you all really should educate yourselves on what it really was because I see a lot of incorrect information floating around.

First of all, Hanukkah was initially the celebration of a military victory. But however, the Jews did not want to glorify war so they instead celebrate the legend of the menorah oil not running out for 8 days (oversimplifying, if you have any questions ask)


Yeah it’s kind of weird. They are able to defeat the largest army in the world and the celebrate the fact that they were able to keep their holy lamp lit for eight days. Judaism has no problem celebrating de.ath in Pesach and other holidays, it’s kind of that they wouldn’t celebrate de.ath during Hannukah.


Hey y’all. Glad we got that settled. How is everyone doing on their projects (don’t answer if you aren’t making a project or are making one to ridicule this contest)


I’m pretty far in. I just need to add a start screen, end screen, and a point system.


Am I tagged in this because I can do it? Many Thanks UnicornRainbow x


Can I join? I’m a little late, but…


@cheeseperson, I bet you can join, as long as you can make a project in time. : )
@TheAmazingJello, maybe try to say no a little nicer next time, and when you’re sure it’s a no, too? ; D


Of course! There are no sign ups. Just get a project in by December 22.


Wait, do I have to make a Christmas project or a winter project?




Here is my submission:


Holiday. I might enter this, my astrombe day project might look nice in first place!