~IT'S BACK~ The 2020 "Hidden Gem Hopscotcher" Original Award Contest!

The 2020 "Hidden Gem Hopscotcher" Original Award Contest

Hello all!

Yes, I know, I haven’t been on the forum or Hopscotch in forever! But (lucky you!) I’ve decided to be active for now in order to put on a contest that had a lot of success last year!

It’s the Hidden Gem Hopscotcher (formerly the 80% Original Award) Contest!

For those that didn’t know about it last year, I put on a contest in which Hopscotchers and Forumers could nominate coders who had amazing projects but didn’t get enough credit for them. It worked really well, and I got to explore many new accounts during the process!

I renamed the award because even though I’m still aiming to find Hopscotchers that are more than 80% original, I just feel like ‘Hidden Gem Hopscotcher’ is a better title. It brings light to coders who’s work deserves to be acknowledged, and hopefully through gaining the title they won’t become hidden anymore. :upside_down_face:

I feel like this contest is not just an amazing opportunity, but a way we can grow an appreciation of good coding. A lot of Hopscotch is spammed with art and drawings—which involve no actual coding; remixes; and projects that were half-heartedly made. And of course, I know that we have a lot of new Hopscotchers who are growing in coding understanding, and I realize that. But this award is for the rare Hopscotcher who pours a lot of effort into every project, and shines with originality. I need your help to find some amazing Hopscotchers who do exactly that!


What I'm looking for

My Criteria

What I’m mostly looking for is a Hopscotcher who does not get the adequate amount of attention for the well-made, smoothly run, beautiful projects they make. Yes, this is difficult to come across, but simply find a Hopscotcher who fills the below criteria as closely as possible -

  • Their projects have less likes than they deserve (An average of 50 likes or less on their best projects)
  • They are not VERY well-known. Yes, typically some people will know of their name, just try to find someone who isn’t as known.
    >Note: Because a lot of users are getting Featured now a days, if a person who you would like to nominate has a few Featured projects, he can still qualify.
  • Projects that work as they’re supposed to (minimal glitches, etc.)
  • Projects with an attractive screenshot

Other things I’m judging on:

  • Their projects are original & unique
  • Most (approx. 80% or more) of their projects are not remixes or drawn art (drawing pads of course count as a coded project)
  • They are polite and follow Hopscotch guidelines
Who you can nominate

Rules for Who You Can Nominate

  • You cannot nominate last year’s winners. Though last year’s winners (1st: Legendary myt, 2nd: sophia71205 :rainbow::latin_cross:, 3rd: Pineapple :pig::poop::pineapple:) earned their title adequately, they are not eligible to be nominated again.
  • You can nominate yourself. Yes, it is absolutely fine if you nominate yourself if you think you fill the criteria. I will consider you just the same.
  • You can nominate any number of Hopscotchers. There is no limit to how many Hopscotchers you can nominate, however—please only nominate people who fill the given criteria well. Keep in mind I’m the only one judging, and I can’t sort through a million nominations.
How to nominate

What you do when you find a nomination

  1. Nominate either on the Forum, or remix one of my projects on the Hopscotch app. To nominate on the Forum, comment below and say you have (a) nomination(s), and then say then say your nomination(s) below. To nominate on the Hopscotch app, remix ANY of my projects on my Panda Studios CHAT account. Do not remix on my main account, Panda Studios, because I will not publish a response of confirmation. I might have a project specifically for submitting nominations coming soon.

  2. Please use the username of the Hopscotcher that they use for their Hopscotch account. If they have a forum account, you can add their tag next to the username of course, but please don’t JUST use their Forum username, as it may differ from their Hopscotch account. If you are nominating yourself, please say your HS username too!

  3. Make sure their username is spelled correctly, including all punctuation and emojis.

  4. If you can, attach a link to one of your nominee’s projects (any of them) if you nominate them on the Forum. This saves me SO much time, and guarantees I go to the right account (if you do this, you also don’t have to worry about Rule #4). Also do this when nominating yourself!

  5. All your nominations don’t have to be at the same time, however, if you can do that, that’s great. It’s very convenient.

Also, I would recommend tagging your nominee if they have an account on the Forum. That way they know they are apart of this contest!:slight_smile:

After you have submitted your nomination...

I will reply to your post in confirmation when I see it. All nominations will go on a list, and I will immediately start narrowing them down. As of now I do not have a deadline for nominations, but I would highly encourage you to submit nominations as soon as possible!

The winners will be announced in 1-3 months, depending on how many nominations I receive.

If the person you nominated wins, you will be given credit!


I will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Winners will receive the honorable title of A Hidden Gem Hopscotcher 2020. They will forever become apart of the history of this contest!

There will also be runner-ups, and shoutouts. (Shoutouts are for Hopscotchers who have amazing projects, but are kinda well known. If you would like to nominate someone solely for a Shoutout, I will accept that.)

Winners will be announced on this topic, and if they have a forum account they will be tagged. Anyone who has commented on this post will be tagged also. If they do not have a forum account, they will be notified by their Hopscotch account.


Winners will get a follow from me, and likes on their most recent projects, but that’s about it because I am inactive on the Forum and Hopscotch. However, if one you all would be amazing enough to give a prize to the winner, that would be soooooo awesome!

Keep In Mind
  • If you are nominated, I am fine with you saying you would give a prize to the winner if you don’t win, but obviously you can’t give a prize to the winner if you win.
  • You can give a prize to First Place, or all Places.
  • There is no minimum to prize offerings. The more the merrier!
  • Make sure to ration the prizes of course. First place should get the biggest prize, 2nd should get less than 1st, and 3rd less than 2nd.
  • If you would like to give a prize, comment on this topic with what you would like to give, to which places, and anything else I might need to know.
  • The prize will be given in your username!
  • If you can, keep the prize to something given on the Hopscotch app. The winners might not have a forum account. If the winner happens to have a forum account, then you can give them a prize on the Forum.
Prize Ideas

On Hopscotch

  • Drawing request
  • Follow
  • Likes of your projects
  • Trail art request
  • Custom drawing pad
  • Website template
  • Locked website
  • Music
  • Project request
  • Nomination for Featured/Game changer

On the Forum

  • Spamlikes of posts/topics
  • Bio shoutout

Or anything else you can think of :grin:

Prize List

1st Place

30 Likes on your most recent projects ~ @PandaS
A follow ~ @PandaS

2nd Place

20 Likes on your most recent projects ~ @PandaS
A follow ~ @PandaS

3rd Place

10 Likes on your most recent projects ~ @PandaS
A follow ~ @PandaS

That’s all I can think of right now! Please comment below if you have any questions or suggestions at all, and I would soooo appreciate it if you gave a nomination.

Toodles for now!

~ @PandaS


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First non-creator post :wink: (get yeeted Temmy)

I nominate @Ref - they make very well designed projects, and have never got Featured (that I know of). They also sparked the Coded Story craze and are very nice. Here is their project:


Oh yes. I remember the 80%, it was awesome!
Yeah I’ll totally find some, I’m gonna go search.


Thanks! I’ll check them out

Yay! so glad you think so Temmy


I would like to nominate @magniloquent_melon, by the same name on the app.


Their first few projects are their own, the most recent few are in a collab with me.


This is a nice idea.
However, I’m not sure if it’s completely allowed. I’ll talk to the other leaders once, but just keep that in mind as you proceed


Why wouldn’t it be allowed?


We don’t do too many community hosted awards like this because they can turn cliquey and popularity based really fast.
The ones thatve pitched in their ideas so far are fine with it, but there’s the consistency and fairness factor we need to consider.

That’s why it wasn’t immediately closed – should be fine.
But I’m just saying that there’s the possibility, as unlikely as it is, so that Panda can just keep that in mind


Ok I guess
It’s not like the community isn’t as fair as the leaders though. This seems basically like a most-underrated Hopscotcher thing—a way to recognize those who don’t get noticed for their coding, which is great. It also seems deeply thought out, like a leader hosted competition. The only thing that makes this different is the user isn’t a leader. So what? It doesn’t mean they can’t be trusted to judge fairly.

Yet with the leader competitions nothing about this is said but…


I understand where you’re coming from, and if I need to make adjustments I can. I would be really sad to stop the awards, though.


We’re talking it through, probably get back to you with either a few small adjustments or just something saying you’re clear to continue by tomorrow.
Probably won’t be fully stopped tho.

Just wanted to give you a heads up tho


Nice nice :ok_hand:


@PandaS if this continues, I’d like to nominate Kevin^
They have good quality projects with nice thumbnails, and they seem to be pretty hidden.


I wish to nominate Atom : . He has designed some great escape games such as blocky jailbreak 1.1 which involves great coding! This is why I nominate him!


I nominate roam1


Is this still happening? I don’t mind, just curious. @PandaS


It’s back

Lord Voldemort (new mother according to @ref’s story) is back


Ref said Harry Potter wasn’t involved in the story but ok


I don’t know. I haven’t heard back from the leaders and I’m not getting a lot of nominations.


So sorry! I think we said this is fine, but I will go and check our conversation. Hang on…