It's almost here! Hopemon go alpha is out!


Hopemon go is out thanks to @MR.GAM3R and @ThinBuffalo fixing some bugs! I now have the layout for what the gym will look like, and I know I told you that the next update would be big but I just had to make this! Anyway, the NEXT update will be the biggest, but here's the link for now: so what do you think? Any improvements?




Any improvements?




That's awesome! I love the new update!


Any... improvments...


I don't think anything else would need to be added. It's awesome!


Woohoo! Great job @Zachyswag


And also great job @MR.GAM3R


Will you add a map where you can catch Hopémon and a Hopédex?


No, sorry, but I'd need a whole new section for that, and the map would be pretty small. I planned on you having only one hopemon.


Oh, okay. It's all good though :slight_smile:


ayyyyyyy, thaaats prety goooood!


Thats so cool! I just looked at the project! I cant wait until it gets finished!


That's amazhang so here's a like!! :heart:

More :hearts: <3 :heart: ε> Etc


Cool! Can't wait!!