Its all my fault


Dear XaioMiaoMI,

You are right about all of it.I was so sad that she left I joined the forum and well I posted this comment without thinking that maybe she doesn't have time for this app ,maybe she has a lot of homework ,maybe that she wants to move on to a more challenging code.I didn't think about her own personal life.She was busy with her school, family and friends an I didn't respect that.So I will say this .#HopscotchLovesYOuCWAB!

Yours ,GlowingArtist


Hi GlowingArtist :blush: I hadn't really known what was going on, but I can see you were thinking over other people's perspectives :relaxed: after what seems to have been a little incident. (I think that you sound rather lovely :relaxed:)

From t1


Do you want me to tag her so she can see this?


This is for you!


I agree with @t1_hopscotch. I am not sure what is going on, but it's great that you apologize.


Thanks I am just glad I didn't get banned .I didn't mean any harm .


Thats very nice of you to say .