It's all GONE! :(


I checked in on my fruit ninja game and a control wasn't working. I went out of the draft then back in. It doesn't have any code in it, but all the text objects! Even the abilities are gone!

Help! Is there any way to get it back! I've been working on this for a while and I hate to loose it :frowning:



That has happened to me a few times recently. I emailed THT ๐Ÿ™


Email the hopscotch team! :D


I tried publishing itโ€”let me know if you can see it and if the code is included.

So sorry about this!


Thanks for responding so quickly :slightly_smiling:

No code, just the lifeless blobs of text :frowning:


Is there anything I can do to help?


I don't know how you would help, sorry!


Ok, I undertand. I hope you get your code back! :grin: I lost all of mine when I was almost done with the Hopscotch Oscars. :anguished: I don't want to disappoint you, but I never got it back. :confounded:


I can redo it all in some free time. It wasn't too hard, I guess. Just a lot of repeating, like an art pad



Darn, I wanted to see the original.


Is there anything I can do? It happened to me once with a locked website. I had to remake that website. :pensive:


@PopTart0219, I am investigating this bug. Did it have any elements in the code specific to that project? Did it use clones? How did it happen? Are there any other details you can give me?


Aww! I feel so bad for you!
That happened once to me, and it popped back up in my drafts like two months later! I hope you get it back!


No clones, it was made using the Video


There's no replay button too!


That also happened to me... I had to make everything all over again... Also play your project before logging out. After I did that the code never went away :wink:.


Fortunately, it's still saved on my home weird ipad! :smiley: