It won't let me post


Why won't the reply button let me post replies


Because since you are a new user you have limited replies!

Don't worry

After a long period of time you will get unlimited replies!!


You have limited replays since it's your first day and discourse doesn't trust if your a spam bot


You're a new user so you can't post a lot on your first day here


You will get basic once you read at least 30 posts, spend 10 minutes reading posts and enter at least 5 topics


I'm disappointed in you guys.
Nobody told @Clowns that she had limited replies?
So yeah, new users have limited replies on their first day D: It's so the forum can trust that you're not a spam bot :/


That is probably because the topik was closed, maybe you need to refresh ur safari!

@BellaWafflez17, @Sweetlina, @MR.GAM3R, @iReesesCup, and @KayKay;

Even though a new user has limited replies, a reply button is still there.