It will cost $7.99/month to get new Hopscotch features


Meaning it'll be ruined


Well, I was kinda suprised when HS became free


Me neither :disappointed:

But, as you said, the new features are amazing. They did an awesome job! :D


I really hope they understand that people will leave Hopscotch because of this.


I think it is only the new pictures features that you need to pay for. I don't need them to still code amazing games.


Gosh. They certainly have upset a lot of people >_<

$11/Month is cheap for HOPSCOTCH :s


Maybe a $10 or $20 one time fee? Honestly I think the features would be worth $1000000000000000 but some families couldn't pay for that XD


You'll also be able to have a custom profile picture.


Why would they leave? They can use the free version :s


I might not be able to continue either, if it is $8 a month. Yikes, that seems a little much.


Guys, there will still be a free version. You can just pay to add images and more blocks and other stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


I just honestly don't think this is a good way to go.

One payment. Maybe purchase the different features. Even donations I'd see what I can do. But my parents and I both agree that this subscription is waaaay too much. I want to do a subscription, but I doubt I could.


If this is the one tomorrow R.I.P me. If it is, then today:


Even $100000/Month would be cheap for this amazing game.


I'd pay a $20 one-time fee, but I'd prefer to donate.


Yep :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


ikr :s


not that they are bad we just need to know that hopscotch needs money. :wink:


One payment is what I would do. Donations to


It also says all images will be reviewed before publication


Why are they doing this? I'll donate to Hopscotch if they start accepting donations.