It will cost $7.99/month to get new Hopscotch features


But you do need lots of money to make toys.. :c


I know xD


Finally someone under what I mean on paying for the new features!


Welcome to the forum!


I have an idea.. (Not to sell but just as a fun craft :3)

A homemade Monkey or Bear, or anybody actually :stuck_out_tongue:!!

You get a bear toy and paint it Bear's colors with cute eyes
The same for Monkey, etc


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Thanks for adding my topic! :D


You're welcome :DDD


Not at all! The free version will still get updates.

Right now we're working on making the editor easier to use, thanks to all of your feedback on the last update.

We'll release these changes to beta testers in a few weeks!


I just sent back an email to you responding to the one u sent me :D
gosh that sounded so confusing @Liza XD sorry!


Do beta testers get the paid version in the beta for free?


They are. It's $7.99 right now because it's a launch sale.


That was kind of rude...


Beta testers get the update free for one week.


I think they mean in the beta app, not normal Hopscotch.


Oh, ok!
Please lower the price


No, beta testers get a week free in the normal Hopscotch app.


I know. You asked if beta testers get it in the beta for free. I clarified.


So it's permanently free so beta testers can test new features? @Liza


I just noticed that @Rodrigo voted for a subscription xD