It will cost $7.99/month to get new Hopscotch features


This says that Hopscotch will have subscriptions. Look at it! That's way too expensive!

How do you want THT to make money?

  • Subscription
  • One-time fee


Votes are public.

The poll has been closed. 77% of Hopscotchers want a one-time fee and 23% want a subscription.



Hopscotch Newsletter Article
Hopscotch Newsletter Article

This looks old


I don't think so. You need to remember that they all have families to look after :s
It's only for better features you can still use hs for free just wont have all the features. :wink:


I know you will be able to use it for free. I don't like the idea of a subscription. @Liza/@Rodrigo/@Meg, can you explain this? Why can't we just pay a one-time fee?


I think it was refering to the school app or something


$7.99 a month? Well, I guess I could do it for one month... I wish it was a one time fee.


Because then less people would use be able to use hs and if they do subscriptions they have a monthly income. :wink:


It says it'll have an annual fee available.
It also says that only subscribers can view pictures in projects.


DId you guys see this??


Maybe $1.99 or $2.99 a month would be better? IDK though


Woah, this sounds really awesome! But that's pretty pricey, if there's no free option I don't even know if my parents will allow me to to continue Hopscotch. :disappointed:

But these new features look absolutely amazing! Rodrigo said this update was his favorite by far, and I can see why :smile:

Nice work THT!


Looks like I might have to quit Hopscotch :frowning:

Edit: there is a free version! So happy, I won't need to quit anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


It sounds like AMAZING features though! I might be able to subscribe... Probably not though




I agree. This is way too much! I think a one-time fee would be better.


That's a pretty steep price... I hope THT reconsiders. I'd want a one-time pay way more than a subscription, especially at that cost.


There will be a free option, but features won't get added to it.


Ok, I'll add a poll.


I might have to leave Hopscotch...

I agree!


Yessssss. Just keep it at $10 idec