It’s me... parttimefemale


Yup me. Parttimefemale



How are you?


Ummmm I have a question, do you know why our school system deleted Hs?


Yup i totaly know that.


Well could you ask your mom


Also do they have any plans on bringing it back


The simularatys to social media and i don’t think so


But it isn’t social media!! What meeting did they decide this


I completly agree but they seam to want to stop pepole from being conected to others in that sort of maner. Take, for example how they blocked bookface and instagram.


I say they blocked it just because…

Sometimes when I use my school chromebook ir seems to have random things blocked


Hello and welcome back! How did you get on here? Did you buy a new device or did you use a VPN?


How could you access a VPN through a school device?


Its not blocked they just removed hopscotch from the app catolouge. Also the joke behind this topic was that i was impersonating myself. If you look closely at my username there is only one t


Ohhhhhhhhhhh… your right…

Nice! You got me…


Hmm i think i have all the posible impersonation accounts for my username but idk.
Partttimefemale might trick someone


Why haven’t I though of this… oh wait I really cant impersonate myself… my username is to basic…

Also, this means that no one else can impersonate you because you have every other username


Hi I missed u how’s it


I cant eet




Our devices are already connected to a VPN