It’s here thing needs to stop


What is all of this fuss about it’s here, and -1? It needs to stop now. You are literally people giving them at least 30 new topics for something the shouldn’t even be a thing. It’s here, and -1 stuff needs to stop now. Also this fake Liza person, it’s really easy to tell if they are fake or not, just look at their profile.


musical cue

:notes:So it’s the song about the people who couldn’t take a joke

Guess it didn’t go down well with the, sensitive folk

Jonny and nindroid may have gone to far

And that’s the first the first chorus, something about a car🎶

piano solo

:notes:Ohhhhhh it looks like these people are yelling over two words

The song, already finished the first two thirds

The people are scared over ‘it’s here’

But I can tell ya the coast is clear🎶



Joke or not, impersonation is against the community guidelines and in my opinion, not kind or cool at all. Whoever is doing it should stop.

Oh and look right under “dont impersonate” is “don’t spam”


U mean the Lisa thing

Chillll bro people aren’t even supposed to think its the real liza

Edit: btw its not spam it relates to the topic


People do though. I did. After a little bit I realized it wasn’t


I only thought it was her for about 5 seconds lol

U should look closer


I love this song.

For weird reasons.


I agree.
From what I know (and other people too) is that:
It was started by NindroidGames and it was continued under -1, who was another hopscotcher called JonnyGamer.
He started with NindroidGames as a one-time joke (the first project from -1) but NindroidGames continued by himself and he was all the time blaming it on Jeffery (JonnyGamer) and the “prophecy”.
Also, this phrase about “obey me, puny mortals” was before the joke of “it’s here” (it was for some time as his user phrase), so NindroidGames maybe had this planned or he just added that phrase to claim that he is "not mortal”, and all mortals should obey him.

EDIT: He has created other accounts, and with other people, they have created over 50 topics about all this. I am done. I am reporting this to The Hopscotch Team personally.




The coast is clear??? I don’t understand…


Idk it was something to rhyme with here

And also me assuring people that the world isn’t ending


Still. I am reporting this.


It was, right?


No it was


Ah thanks!


Wait don’t actually email that

Its actually liza




I agree with you on this! I think it is for sure violating the guidelines!!!


I’m just tired of spam… and if I dont read a lot of these topics… I LOSE REGULAR… I mean I dont mind that, but it took me 70 days!


@Lisa is @JonnyGamer lol
If that is who you are talking about