It’s Here, There’s No Way To Espape. Even if you tried. There is just no way. Welcome to The One, it is here. We are everywhere. -1 (General Topic)



This is -1’s topic where we discuss about The Forum, because everything in it will end soon.
I don have acces to random category
Gona hacc THT
Or bribe them with fancy discourse stickers

It is here



Yes hello boo

Am i scary


Yes thank you
-1 is currently in reign

-1 is here


Can someone put this topic in meta - forum please

That is where it was intended to be thx


my confusion is on another level, but it’s cool :call_me_hand:


You spelled “Espape” instead of Escape in the title btw


Yes that was a mispape


@Amulet_10 please do not lounge my topics
Thank you so much :upside_down_face: I’m working on a super secret project


Yeah, but please limit your topics to one or two… Same with the +2 thing, do not make spam topics


I’m not +2 that’s someone else
This is a real topic to discuss generalities on the forum :)


I know you are not +2, that is Mr.Rex
Okay, but make sure to not do the same as before with the spam topics. And I am also talking to Nindroid.


I have never made spam topics :) :) :v::crossed_fingers:


Some regulars lounge topics for a reason, e.g., when there is a duplicate, or when the topic is spam. ; D
Just saying! This doesn’t mean your topic is a duplicate or unwanted one.


Every time I hear mention of -1 I want to do things involving +2

But I won’t



One question… what on Earth is this whole -1 thing?


Idk at all. I was wonder the same…


It’s a Hs fad about a massacre in 2019

It does not exist lol