It is the year 20XX


So if you know or don't, what the year "20XX" means in that year. Everybody would do everything perfectly. With the most perfect you could ever be, with no mistakes. So for Hopscotch in the year 20XX we would code perfectly. Putting in blocks as fast as the system can go. Finishing near game breaking projects, within 4 minutes. We are nowhere near 20XX but some were getting closer and closer. So whatever you think this is weird and all, you should know, people would get so good at something they go beyond human compatibility to become perfect. That's what 20XX, perfect.


That's when megaman will exist


Shh those are when 20XX was first mentioned



Dunno X seems perfect to me lol


But Razor, nobody is perfect.


Errr nothing and nobody is perfect but okay


It's year 20XX…




We were talking about this in English class! It's called Utopia, meaning everything is perfect. A society where there is a Utopia(doesn't exist) is where everything is perfect. There are no problems and everything runs smoothly.


I don't understand


Oh yeah.


What if it's in a year of 30XX?


The bot is eveellll XD


Yes, obviously nobody is perfect now

But in the year 20XX

We will be


What is XX? Like if it was 20XX, could XX be numbers??


It's probably gonna happen in 2099.


It means any time from 2001 to 2099


But people who dunno coding still join…
If no one joins for (a long time before the end) to (the end), then ya.
If not, when they master it, more newcomers to coding still join.


Yeah. Like saying 2016, but you don't know what year exactly, so you say 20XX to state that you don't know which number in that century.

Like saying 30XX, too,



But that wouldn't really be possible, well for humans of course.. probably robots would do it but doesn't that already exist? Perfect robots exist so isn't 20XX? unless ur talking about humans which I think you are


I honestly really don't know.