It is not possible to press two objects at the same time




Didn’t awesomeonion say, just a few posts above, that version 24 used the native iOS code and everything above uses javascript?


I’m saying it used to work, and now it has been “removed” when clearly nobody would prefer for it to be removed. If they can just make it so it works in the app then do that. I’d rather have it work in the app then not


Sorry, I must have not phrased that clearly. :llama:
I believe that awesomeonion said that it was not removed on purpose, just that the javascript player does not have that ability.


I’m saying it should be able to work in the app at least, even if it has to use iOS native code for just that. (I really need it for an upcoming project called Hopscotch Duel because two players have to press their controls at the same time)