It is not possible to press two objects at the same time


Use this template to make awesome bug reports: ok

Your username: Awesome_E
What kind of device are you using?: A device that works (iPad Air 2)

1 sentence description of the problem: I wanted to move two players at once with d-pad controls (2-player game), but only one moved at a time.

Steps to make the problem happen:

  1. Make a project
  2. Put two objects and have each one set to a random color when pressed.
  3. Press play and try to press both objects so that both of them change color
    (However, it does work in the old editor, so it should be considered a bug that it does not work in the new one)

I expected this to happen: works :exploding_head:

But instead this happened: doesn’t :thinking:

Here’s a mediocre GIF:
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New winter characters
Hopscotch Project Betas (not the HS Beta app)

This isn’t a bug but I agree this should be a thing


It is because in the old editor it works but in the new editor it does not (run the same code in this project):


I would find that as something they removed


But why would they remove it?
Also, Certain blocks don't function in the old editor


No idea, if it was a bug, you’d probably find people mentioning it more


Actually, nobody mentions it because they never knew it used to exist. Few people who use the old editor know it works, many people who could have pointed it out left, and most people who have used both just never find a use for pressing 2+ objects at one given time. It is very useful at times


Funny, I never knew it existed, it would indeed be very useful, you’d think THT would’ve addressed this already


I don’t see it used often, but I think it is really important, like in a two player game, such as Robo Fight, Space Chase, or even Robo Fight 1-player (where two inputs can be pressed to move diagonally).

Edit: I bring this up because I want to make the HS Duel, but there are two problems: set image doesn’t work in the old editor, but multi-object press does not work in the new editor


I never pointed this out because I remember a really big deal was made of it a few years ago. I probably should have though. Good idea.


Yeah, this is not technically a bug, but I agree with the others: this is a great idea that should be considered!!


@Awesome_E, I don’t think THT intentionally removed the multi-touch capability. I believe the lost of functionality is an unintended result of changing the Player to the integrated Webplayer.

Besides the obvious simultaneous 2 player games, I recall that you could put your hand on the iPad and then trace around it similar to how kids use their hands to draw turkeys for Thanksgiving projects. It is unfortunate, as a whole class of projects went away.


Hmm…, this is really weird indeed. Like @ThinBuffalo, I don’t think that this in intentional. Why would THT remove multitouch?

I use the old editor sometimes, and I know and confirm that the functionality is there.


*Clone Index, but it should still be a thing


I don’t totally understand the multitouch bug. How did it work in the old version (can you show an example project) and how does it work in the new?


OBJECT 1: When self is pressed, set color random
OBJECT 2: When self is pressed, set color random

If you run this code in a brand new project, only one will change color even if both are pressed

If you run it with 2 new objects in this project below (webplayer 24), both will change colors when pressed.


@awesomeonion @Rodrigo Could you guys work on this in the beta version as well (even if it delays release a little)?

I know you have a few other things to fix, but I really want to make a Duel game in the new editor, and I can’t do that currently as characters of two separate players will not move at the same time when both characters’ controls (D-Pad) are pressed (multiple buttons).


I’m not sure this is a bug bug, I think the iPad (and Hopscotch) would consider that one thing can be pressed. I’ll talk about it with the dev team.


I’m looking into the multitouch issue. The version where it works is written in native iOS code, while the new version is written in Javascript. That’s where the difference lies. I will keep you posted if we have a fix.


I reported it as a bug because it used to work (webplayer 24) and now it is removed. It seems to be because clone index exists, but I don’t know how that fundamentally works.