It is if you want a paintball tutorial?



Are you exited for the tutorial of the one the only....wait for it...Paintball the extreme way.


Is this a project in hopspctch? Else it's not related!

Welcome to the forum!


Im new here!!!
May you guys please help me to use hopscotch forum.


Well, topics have to be related to HS. As @Huggingfluffybear awesomely told you. :D

Here are some awesome topics that you should check out, since you're new!

Also, there are lots of cool things you can do on the forum.

Like polls.

- Option 1
- Option 2
- Add as many options as you can

^^^Doing that exactly would help give you a poll :D

You can @ anyone on the foum to get their attention
EX: @Metros

Welcome to the forum!


Well thank you i taught i would'nt get any information cause i always get bullied in hs.


The forums is fine! With a population of 0 bullies!


what tutorial? how to make paintball in hopscotch? that's cool!


so we all want to work together or there no paintball tutorial in hs


mistake in writing what I meant to say is we are lg gonna make paintball a tutorial