It is almost the OMTL's birthday


Help everyone. I am the OMTL, by far the most used group on the forum. You can tag me by saying @OMTL. I was created by @PopTart0219 on May 30th, 2016, and am almost two years old.

This topic is to celebrate my creation and reminisce about the good times you’ve had with me.



Happy birthday! :confetti_ball::gift::tada::birthday::balloon:
first i guess


Second! wait- the OMTL actually has a profile?!

wittle bit freaky



Happy Birthday!


At least say for example the omtl’s creation not your creation.


Happy birthday (almost) OMTL!

I remember when the list was inside a spoiler and you had to copy-paste the whole list.
I almost tagged the OMTL…


Happy early birthday OMTL!
Although I am not on OMTL right now (too much tagging for me to handle) the actual creation of OMTL was a really good idea!!!

Eat tons of cake! lol


Happy birthday OMTL! :birthday:


Happy birthday kid…


Firstly, Happy Birthday @OMTL ! Secondly, @DA-BEASTY i thot u left?


Thank you. I am happy it is almost my birthday.



yeah i have left


Huzzah! Remember that one time we did that @Petrichor




Ooooh the likes has changed sorry off topic


I didn’t know you were on the forum! Huh, funny I’m still meeting people on this who have been here fo years…

I remember you 3D ghost thing. You had a challange to figure out whether it was going forward or backwards…


Happy birthday young friend!