Issues with the community


Here are my issues with the community right now.

1. Random art

There are people out there like, oh you don’t appreciate the code and hard work that was put into it.

My thoughts on this is literally like, ok? I appreciate and understand the work and effort the original creator put into it. All people are doing is remixing that art project that came out what? Months and months ago and drawing, hey who wants to chat?

I think that it fills Hopscotch with to much art, and there should be a limit out on it. All I see nowadays are drawings of words saying you want to chat?

Honestly to me it just clogs the newest and trending tabs with random art

2. Bugs

Seriously? This shouldn’t even be on the list. I don’t get how people are complaining about bugs and stuff. Do you not update the app, or something? If not you really should because your complaining about lag has been resolved and you just don’t take the time to even check to see if they listened to people’s reports.

3. The Hopscotch Team

Honestly guys I shouldn’t even have to make this, I see a lot of complaints everywhere like, why isn’t this fixed? Or why does this work that way, and it’s like you can literally email them and give them suggestions and reports about bugs. They are a small team of 4, they can’t do everything in like a week. I have the best experience with emailing them, they’d ask me questions about issues I’m having, and they review them and they give me information about what went wrong and that they will have a fix and everything with the next update. Sure enough, next update, it’s fixed. Like the lag issue for example, I’ve been emailing them and they’ve been asking me questions like how does the editor run on published and no published projects. They worked really hard just to make sure that it was fast and speedy that they tested the update and let me beta test the update to see for myself and they fixed it.

Honestly I didn’t want to say anything about anything about the community, but the amount of sheer hate that goes toward this app and just too much. Honestly just take them time to appreciate what THT has done because without them, this app wouldn’t be a thing. If you run into bugs with the app, just tell me and I can email them and let them know.


…and my post is pending.
anyway, in conclusion, shu.t up. everyone can tell this is targeted at my latest topic.


(He’s making this topic because I made one and he wants to brag)


ugh is shorthand for gross




Only the first section relates do it, the rest I see it everywhere





Right, understood. Our community is gówno.


Finally,people are getting aware of what’s happening.
I agree with this topic


proud polak moments :pensive:


Also how is this bragging?


wow THIS was flagged and not the posts where I legitimately broke community guidelines? wacksauce


I’ve seen like 5 topics already with this exact message.


how is this not bragging


It’s not bragging because I’m saying that they’ve fixed all of the lag issues with the editor


for you. you can freely email them with no concerns.


So can any body else, also the point to saying that was that they listen to questions and concerns people have


repeating it over and over makes you seem like you’re idolozing tht or bragging


I only said it once though


you said it in my topic and here lol