Issues With Featured Projects



With Featured Projects, I think that some coders who are talented dont be seen and some coders do basic projects and get featured. I’m not saying that featured people are not talented, I’m saying that we need to recognise good talent and be fair.

For an example, this featured project has 21 likes and some people have better projects with little amount of likes.

@hopscotch-curators Please fix this!


I agree and disagree… One time I made a life game on my old account where you could go through life from baby to grandma/grandpa, and it took 4 hours to code. It didn’t get a lot of likes. But I realize that is not what matters. You have to work hard, and the Hopscotch team doesn’t have all day to go looking for really top quality projects. It’s just based on creativity.


I’ve seen many topics like this, but I do kinda agree. Just the problem is that it’s not just “notice more people!” because if it was easy, we’d be already be doing it now. I’m really not sure how to fix this.


Yeah the “Decreasing Quality of Featured Projects” seems like a popular topic these days. But rest assured, @hopscotch-curators do realize this, and they are working hard to please as many people as they can.

But, if you want to help restore the Featured page back to its original glory, consider checking out this discussion. It may be worth your time.


Actually that link won’t work… so instead just go to my profile and click the “We Can Make the Featured Page Better” topic.



Oh, apparently they got offended. @_sylvia_H.S


Does anyone else see a different username in the app? If you get banned does your username change? Is this guy banned? What’d he do wrong?


idk…I don’t think so…


Getting banned does not change your username, but it does hide all of your projects.


I didn’t mean to offend or hurt him. If u r his friend, pls could u tell him or her?


Then did Boomor get banned for buIIying?


I think I saw boomor making new projects. Maybe.


His projects just got reported


You should nominate them then on the nominations topic.


Forum, do you guys think I should delete this topic? I didn’t mean to offend a coder. This makes a good and bad topic as it is good to discuss but you don’t want to offend someone.

What do you think?

  • Yes!
  • No!
  • Yes and No!

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It isn’t possible.


I think it’s fine for now. You’re expressing an opinion. If things get too riled up, consider it—though I don’t think you have the power to delete it

Edit: But good idea making sure people are fine with it! It would not be fun to be flagged


Maybe, you should have used a few more projects rather than focus on one project. It looks like he/she is being bullied at. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, even though I’m your friend.


It is possible. You just have to press the delete button. If you don’t have permission, then you report it put ‘something else’ is that box. Then they will delete it. It won’t me instant. @Ana @Liza are the ones who normally delete them.


No, it isn’t possible for anyone without Leader (maybe mod, not leader) trust level. If sylvia presses the delete button she’ll get a message saying she doesn’t have authorization to.