Issues: New Update


My mom says she won't update our iPad because she says there's been issues with the new update. Please tell me the update cons and pros in iOS 9.1 and I'll tell my mom so she knows if the update is fine or not.


There are no cons and the only thing new are the emojis. That and a recording feature on hopscotch .


Are you sure? I need to know.


No, seriously! Be serious: that's the update for hopscotch!


They fixed glitches as well.


Apple fixed glitches? What glitches did they fix?


I was serious, and no, you don't have to update hopscotch to get the recording feature.


It depends what I pad do you have @friendship2468 I'll explain why after!


Basically if you have anything below an iPad 3 you shouldn't do the update as my mum has a 2 and she did it then it comes up saying hello then it says swipe screen but when u swipe it doesn't work and an I pad person told her it's because it's such a old I pad that the small system couldn't cope with all the new tech and updates so if you have a 1,2 or 3 don't do it! She's lost everything because of this game progress, photos , email. She now has to buy a new iPad lucky the hopscotch update where you have a password came out before it broke otherwise I would have lost my 888unicorn account!


Wow long run on sentence! Okay I don't know what iPad I have


I don't know how to tell what I pad u have does anyone else know?


I tought I read something about live photo stuff (fir iPhone), but I'm not sure.


First, see behind your iPad. Below "iPad", it says "Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China Model A****" so, see the model code (the A and the numbers) and go to this link: then search for your code in the page and see your result. For example: my iPad's back says "Model A1459", so, mine is an iPad 4th generation. Or you can just google the code.

New series sneak-peek!

Oops, mine is an iPad 4th generation Wi-Fi + Cellular.