Issue with Hopscotch Patterns theme being jumpy

Oh wow that’s disorienting – thanks for posting the video.

I am wondering if it might be a theme issue with Hopscotch Patterns on iPad or something similar – haven’t been able to reproduce it on my computer yet, with Patterns or the default Hopscotch theme.

If it continues, you might have to use the default theme in the meantime until we can get a fix. Let me know if it still happens on default too though.


I was able to make the reproduction steps:

{Reproduction Steps for Theme: Hopscotch-Patterns}

  • go to the last post in a topic
  • tap the URL so it expands to show an input field
  • zoom into the post (the URL field should automatically collapse)
    • you’ll notice the post slightly change in size if done correctly
  • zoom back out

If all are done correctly, you should see a green box at the bottom right showing the post no. / total., much like what you’d see in Mobile View…

(Only happens on Desktop Mode, HS-Patterns Theme)

  • Slowly move the page up / down until the visual glitch starts occurring.

EDIT: It seems to only occur on the Hopscotch-Patterns layout. Probably due to the width of the pattern image. On default, it snaps to the bottom right corner.

With the patterns theme, it seems to go back and forth between the bottom right corner and next to the bottom of the last post every frame.

I’m unsure if this can be reproduced on desktop computers or not…

Video of Reproduction Steps

Got extra info. The glitch seems to only occur if one of the last posts is large. I tried to reproduce the issue with a small post, and the glitch didn’t occur in that case scenario.


bit of an update - this has happened to me outside of the hopscotch patterns theme too.


Since the release of iOS and iPadOS 17, this is no longer an issue (as far as I’m aware). The way the page renders when zooming in and out is now different.

There might be cases where it might still occur, but now it’s too rare to be a problem of any sort…


Bad news: the glitch is back.


And it’s much worse than before. If I even exit safari and go back in, there’s a chance it’ll become jumpy after scrolling a little.