ISNBN's General Topic (Old)



So... Everyone made a general topic, so why not? Here it is. This is for... takes deep breath...
-Asking for help
-OC stuff
-Random hopscotch messages
-Anything you have to say to me
-Project previews, not too often, though
-aaannnddd more!


-It's my birthday today


I love your OC no name and it inspired me to do....


I don't want to reveal because I want whatever I did that was inspired by it to be anonymous

But, also you are an AMAZING coder and one of my inspirations.


Thanks. I hope whatever you're working on goes well. :)


It's going.... Ok.

Not that much progress but soon it'll grow :slight_smile:
Thanks for the luck!

*Gices awesomeness

Oh wait you already have a ton of that sorry
Luckily I kept the receipt so you can turn it in and get something new

*Gices receipt

(That was supposed to be a compliment/roast)


What is an OC, @IShallNotBeNamed?


An Original Character


Ohhh, Thanks so much, @PixelMaster64!


Ur welcome! :3


Hai! Your projects are so amazing, the Chara one especially!
I have some questions!
1. How do you think up the trails for your trail art? (Like do you draw them or imagine them or…?)
2. Where do you get your ideas from? (in broad terms, like "my neighborhood" or "videos I watch on YouTube"!)


The last edit on this topic was in July, but where'd the edit button go?


I think they disappear after a while, since Discourse realizes you regret some of those posts, but there's nothing you can do about it! :D
Discourse is pretty evil tbh


@Refugeecat123, about flower tapper.
I came up with the realistic flower trail art a while ago, in and
All I did then was make it in a 'when tapped' rule, add set position to last touch, make set angle and set value ready to restart, and make the hue random. Or, that's how I remember it, at least. :sweat_smile:


I did the whole code and it turned out completely wrong lol


i like your project I like all of them

do you like mine?


Yes, there're amazing!


Thanks for liking my projects it means a lot from a master like you


hey @IShallNotBeNamed you are awesome


Thanks, but you're better!




I made a vid that includes you in it