Is your search button glitchy when you're in a topic?



Ok this is to tell you why it is very glitchy to search in topic (especially the drawing one :grin:):

It is trying to scroll up all the way to the first post!!
That's why all the posts gets very glitchy and it's hard to type!! I don't know if this happens to you, but it does for me! I use an iPad by the way :wink:

A way to avoid this:

Simply just look at the bottom right corner and there should be a button that looks like this:

Simply click top to go to the first post! Then try to search! It won't be glitchy!!

I hope this helped!!


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Oh! That's probably right :grin:


Great topic!
This is a really good method of avoiding this glitch. :D
I have it too (On my iPad), and usually I would exit the topic to fix it. :D


That works also! :smile: And thanks!


quick gammre lesson:

your- second person possessive
you're- you are

but otherwise thanks for the tip, every now and then the forums will scroll off into infinite xD


Plus, new posts you skip over don't count as read.
For the people that want to beat CreativeCoder in her read posts count. :P


Never! XD

I see all...



lels I doubt many would attempt at this point xD
checked most read, and I realize two things: 1: I've read more posts than @liza :flushed:, and 2: in the top 3 for most read the 3ed place is the only leader (@Kiwicute2016)

many much ironics


Does she see all? Does she see what is really behind that mysterious blank post of nothing? :open_mouth:


I see your message of message-y-ness.


Yeah. It glitches. It's kinda annoying :confused:


Oh thank you so much this has been bothering me. Especially those post where there are 1999 replies.


Wow thank you! It's so annoying in the drawing topic!


I know right! It's trying to get to the first out of 15000 posts :grin:


Oh yeah I know that :sweat_smile: I was in a rush when I made the topic so...
Heres a quick spelling lesson!
Grammar not gammre :wink:


I know that's the drawing topic! -.-


That's because you don't like the drawing topic!


I love the drawing topic it was just very large there!