Is this true? coding or drawing?



my friend said hopscotch should be for coding, not for that true?

  • yes
  • no
  • i dont think so


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Hopscotch is for coding, yes, but art is okay, as long as you still code and (preferably) code your own drawing pad.


i never code........ well i did before......than i realize that my IQ is too low for coding..


Just keep practicing! Do you think that I knew how to code right away? :slight_smile:


i am really confused about values and stuff...


Well, that's what the Forum's for, isn't it?

You're a great person; don't be shy when asking questions!


personally I think we should be aloud to draw, we aren't all geniouses after all. making a art pad is coding, hopscotch is a kids app not a app for strict rules, its not like I think we should be aloud to do whatever and do things like write stories and things, but honestly, look how far it got orange scent and Dragonqueen. could you take that away from us? (this wasn't supposed to be rude, just my opinion)


Hopscotch is for coding generally but people learned to code drawing pads which introduced drawing to hopscotch! It's okay to draw on hopscotch but if you don't know how to code then just stick to what you do best!


I think drawing is ok
It makes people different from others
I mean hopscotch would be boring if all there was were games and coders
Artists are unique and different and many of us enjoy looking at their drawings and putting in requests
It's not like I have a whole folder on my iPad filled with your drawings @ColourfulBlack (I do :blush::blush::wink:)


I agree. I just wanted to say something to you tbh.


Hopscotch is for coding but you can still draw on it.


I think that it should be used for coding more than drawing. The occasional drawing is OK, but when all people do is make drawings using other peoples drawing pads, that is when it can get very annoying.:slight_smile:


Idk...I do both but I hate my art style and I am out of ideas for coding which is why I'm not gonna be on much??? Depends... I think hopscotch should be 75% coding, 10% drawing and 15% innovation


I think you can do both as Long as you do both, else
I would probably get into coding!


No fight me


But actually it's for any coding. Drawing's part of it just do what you like not what your friends tell you to do