Is this suppost to happen?



So About a week ago I was on the forum until it said " you have reached the max replays of 21" I am wondering is that suppost to happen? Or is it just me? Please answer


On your first day you have limited replies :slight_smile:


Oh I ,I had no idea of that well there's no use of this topic anymore


Your first day on the forum, you have limited replies. This is so that the forum can make sure you are not a spam robot. But after that, you have unlimited replies! :D


Arguable. Maybe this could help other Hops when they join?

If you find it useless you could recycle maybe?


On your first day you have ten actually...



And look when they joined.


You have ten?! I had 21 well that's what most people call bad for them and good for me‚Äč:grinning:


Maybe it's because of the number of topics you made?


I made 0 LOL no really I made 0







Some thing else that's odd is my personality You should see me in real life @diss_track_queen @greg @Goku would all agree they know me in real life


@KVJ why did you spam like me?


Why not :stuck_out_tongue:?


Ok you asked for full spam on @KVJ I will get all my friends to do it it will start tomorrow


Omg i was about to say that and then i say that post XD
grape minds think a pie i guess


Hey what do you want


Somthing by the way you could have just told me at school I saw you make this reply...