Is this regular quality?



Het guys and girls!

So this regular material?

Just wondering...


If you've visited for the last 50 days consecutively(one after the other), you're good on that!

You just need to read 9.9k more posts.


Wow 20K posts!

Thanks for the info...but I am confused about the top bit of your post...


You need to be on 50 days daily.
So you must have to be on the fourm every day for 50 days straight.


I am pretty sure I have been on that long...


Okay, I can see where I'd get confused to be honest XD

You just need to visit the forum, for 50 days! Although you can't miss a day. (I think.)

Like, if I go on the forum for three days, but miss a day, then it won't qualify.


Yeah but you need to read more. I'm at 51 days and have 20k read posts. I think I need to be on more.


I understand that, @maltese just said that...


I am at 72 days on...


Patience my fren.


You also can't have been suspended or flagged more than 5 times


Just read more posts :slight_smile:
My advice is to go to a topic that has a LOT of posts and then just scroll though it


Lol, that's what I am doing


Well i got regular at 50 days
And 14k posts


Cough Pix's topic and my old topic and the drawing topic cough....


Ha ha


Also keep reading new topics and you will get the regular badge soon!


I don't think so...

You just have to be active for 50 days in the last 100 days.


I'm not sure if you do need to read 20k posts...
Somehow I got regular on Friday...:thinking:


Oh, really? :0

Maybe the requirements changed? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But that's just what I know XD