Is this Realistic?


You can probably tell by the title

But I need the fourm advice. I'm trying to make all the angry birds and I want to know if this looks realistic. I know it doesn't have a tail or feathers. I'm still working with the character model.


Real one: (Thanks for the photo! @StarryDream)

Here's a little form for you to fill out for ideas:

What do you like about it?:
On a scale of 1-10 how realistic is it?:
What else do you think I should add? (Colors, Features etc.):



Whoa that's really cool! Great job!


Thank you! What should I add?


That's amazing! I don't see anything to add. Awesome job!! :smiley:


Dis is pretty realistic, even though not exactly da same with dis one:


Woah! That's amazing, @Niftynia75! :D


Thank you so much!!!!



This is amazing! Maybe add a little tuff of hair on the top and a thinner blac outline, and it will look great! Really nice job!


goes to add tuff


Voice in my head: nooo go to angry birds



That's really, really good!
Super realistic!
Maybe move the right eyebrow right/down a bit more to make it more symmetrical? Other than that, nothing really looks like it needs to be changed!


That's amazing! Maybe make the stomach color the same color as the real one?


I'll try to get you the exact HSB's tomorrow if you want! @Niftynia75


Thanks that would be amazing!!! I'll give you credit on the project!:wink:


Thanks! I'm going to try to find them using paper 53, I will try to have them up by tomorrow! Gtg!


I think you should make the outer black line thinner, otherwise, amazing! Maybe you can start working on your Olympic project... :slight_smile:


This looks good so far, but I think there should be the top feathers and a bit less outline.



Wow @Niftynia75 you made that look really good, my shape art never looks that good
(Like seriously, it stinks) but yours is next level good!


Woah!! That's just awesome!!! Maybe make the outline a little thinner if possible but it's so gud omg



That's really really good!! It doesn't have to look exactly like it. I think it looks modern!!