Is this normal?


Hi @Alish, @Liza, @Asha, and @Ian!
I am a new beta tester, so I was wondering if this is normal?

I love the new character feature, but it's all of my old projects!
Please help to tell if it's alright!


I a new BT also but I do not yet know what is going on how do I do it


Anyone? Twenty Characters


That's normal. Beta doesn't update projects from the main Hopscotch unless they were published before the newest version of the beta was released


Oh. Thank you! I didn't know that, I'm new to the beta, so...


The goal of testing is to help us try out the new features we've added to Hopscotch and make sure that everything works properly. When we add new stuff, there's always a risk that we might break something that was working before. Beta testers make stuff and play with the app to make sure that nothing is broken and everything works like you think it should. If something doesn't, testers send us an email describing the problem so we can fix it.

Sometimes we change the data in the beta community, which is why different projects will come up. There is also always a risk of data not being saved in beta, so remember that you shouldn't work on something in beta that you want to save forevers.

Thanks for helping make hopscotch awesome!


Thanks @Liza! I understand now!




Your bringing the topics back from the dead I see!


You found out :worried:


Now lotsapizza knows :grin::flushed::pensive::confused:🙁:frowning:


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