Is this nice to say?


Is it?


What part? Could you circle it?


TO EVERYONE: The middle one by kayri and the whole discussion


Sort of rude, but git isn't the nicest thing to say either :stuck_out_tongue:


What was the topic about? If it was about bullies, then it would be totally rude!!!!!!!!!!


I think that isn't too nice. They are implying that since your name is friendship2468, that you would be nice. Which means that they don't think you are nice. That isn't very kind. I would flag that post as inappropriate. It's offensive to you.


I think she was trying to make a point. You both seem to have been a bit too harsh.
I don't see how this is related to Hopscotch in any way, so...
@PopTart0219 Help?


Yeah, @staff?


What a git? Is that like British or a word I don't understand?


Both of the users here are kind of at fault.

@friendship2468 said something in a rude tone with a word I have no idea what it means

@other peorsoonn responded Ina mean way




You guys are making me cry
I didn't mean to offend anyone
I didn't understand what he/she was saying
(Cue sad illuminati music)


Plus it is Kayro


@PopTart0219 It is @Kayro just to let you know
@tankt2016 I didn't even finish
@Phase_Admin it was about bullying
@SmileyAlyssa I was offended by this
@everyone I wasn't finished with my post my sister tapped the reply button so I had to edit it