Is this new? 15151515


Is the anniversary tab new?

I'm probably going crazy but I don't think I have seen it before.. sorry if it was idk


The birthday and anniversaries are new


Cool, thanks!



There both new.


Yes it is
Looks pretty fancy! :smiley:


Is anybody else experiencing other changes such as different like buttons?


On-topik: I dunno about dis ** pu[put shrugs **
Off-topik: Um wai are you using a phone?:thinking:


Hey im on the birthday list now! Just go into July birthdays and you should see it!


Umm..., we're is the birthday list?


Yeah it is
(I gave you 10th like. 10 likes = nice topic. Congrats!)


That's definetly new! I should put my name on the birthday list, I think it's in settings...


This is such a cool setting! I just added my name. :smile:


I dont understand what this is....


It tells you when someone is celebrating their forum anniversary!

And in settings, you can add your birthday, so people can know and celebrate! :smile:


Hiooooooooo fren.


Yeah, I guess. At first I was like, "omg, I don't got 'em!" Then I noticed I do. XD


Hai frenpai!

Let's make sure to stay on topic. Have you added your birthday yet? :smile:


Yeah, mines in August.


How do u add your b-day? I don't know how.


It's in preferences, down a little ways. :smile: