Is this how Hopscotch sorts projects when searching?


I need to turn a fan on…

I was experimenting with search the other day and noticed it seems to be sorted based off of views.

For example, searching “Camping” will show this:

Here are the first and second projects:

Here’s “tennis”


This makes sense. I never really thought about this.

Hello @sophia71205


Hm, interesting. I liked it better when you would key in a word and you could scroll through pretty much endless results


I noticed it too today when searching up “Colored” (as people often steal it).


This explains why it only brings up a handful of results…


Though I noticed 2 projects that don’t follow that rule.


Cool! That’s good to know…


I searched Doodle Jump and 2.0 has like 4 times the plays of no 1 but it comes second
So relevance counts too


@GoatLord Maybe it sorts it by likes…


2.0 has more likes
But I don’t think relevance counts for much either cause my search is doodle jump and the screen goes:
Doodle Jump, Doodle jump 2.0, doodle jump, doodle jump,


Maybe its a mix of relevance, likes and plays


Interesting. I’ll research this later.


I think it sorts cronalogicly, so the more recently posted ones go first


Yeah, I wish it sorted it by title, because I wish I could find everything related to the title of my search. (It’s a little depressing when you search your Hs name and nothing shows up in projects)



Hmmm i think it should sort by title chronologicly and by wether or not it was an op


No, because Doodle jump was there before Doodle jump two.:slightly_smiling_face: Im pretty sure its a solid mix of relevance and popularity


Yeah, that makes sense. It is probably a part of the search algorithm.